September 30th, 2011

Maharashtra Shikshan Mandal, Jabalpur

14th Jan 1925 : On the eve of ‘Makar Sankranti’ few learned people came together and formed ‘ Maharashtra Shikshan Samiti’.

14th Jan 1926 : ‘Maharashtra Shikshan Mandal’ was established.

21st Feb 1926 : Under the chairmanship of Late Rao- Bahadur Vaidya, the first and foremost Managing Committee of Maharashtra Shikshan Mandal was constituted .

07th Apr 1926 : An institution named “Anglomarathi Middle School was established in ‘Tilak Mandir’ (Shrinath ki Taliyya). 5th class was started in which Twelve male and two female students were admitted. Late shri D.S. Pathak was appointed as Head of the institution. Then female education was started.

1929 : Middle School as a whole was started, High School was also simultaneously started. The first prayer recited by the students was “Raksha-Raksha Ishwara Bharata Prachina Janpada.”

1930: First batch of thirteen students appeared for the High School Entrance examination. In the same period Late Shri Gopalrao Kane,son of Late Shri Waman Rao Kane donated plot # 103, Gol Bazar for the construction of building of the School in the name of Smt.Laxmi Bai Kane, who was also the owner of the plot.

At the same time the constitution of the Managing committee was prepared and preparations for the registration of the Society started.

During this the school was shifted from Tilak Mandir to various places i.e. Jain Boarding, Lal Bangla, Awasthi Bangla and Saxena Bangla (G.S. College of Commerce) situated at present,

1932: ‘Maharashtra Shikshan Mandal Society’ was registered.

1933: 9th class was started. The members of the Society went to different places for collecting donations by the people.

1934: The School started in the new building in existing location.

1935 : Class 9th , 10th an 11th of High School started.

1936 : First Batch of the students appeared in the Matriculation examination. During the same period another school called “MahakoushalPropriety School” was established having 8th, 9th and10th classes of Hindi Medium.

1937 : Hindi Girls High School was established.

1939 : The Mandal started ‘Indian Girls High School’.

1940 : Maharashtra Indian English School branch was started in ‘ Seth Natthu Lal Dharamshala’ in Gorakhpur locality . In all four Institutions were working under under the Mandal Management which were as follows:

1.Maharashtra Marathi Medium
2.Maharashtra Hindi Medium
3.Hindi Girls High School
4.Mission Middle School

1942 : Music classes were started in ‘Bhatkhande Sangeet Mahavidyalaya.

1943 : Second floors in South East of the School were built.

1960: Bhat Khande Sangeet Mahavidyalaya and Mahila Mahavidyalaya institution were handed over to ‘Mahakoushal Shiksha Prachar Samiti.’

1965 : Third floor was constructed and ‘Harshe Rang Munch was built simultaneously.

1973: Teaching through Hindi Medium started.

1974: Full fledged Hindi Medium

1981: Maharashtra English Medium School started.

1982: The Land of Mahakoushal H.S.School was purchased from Oka brother.

1984: Sangeet Mahavidyalaya was started in thd School building.